Thursday, 20 October 2011

the dale farm riots and clearance

So, as anticipated, the police have gone into Dale Farm to evict the travellers who built on land without planning permission. Activists have become involved, there has been fighting, burning, tears and tasers (what a surprise). The thing is, l can understand that the land should not have been built on, therefore the travellers knew what they were doing, and by definition, they knew the risks, just the same as if l built another home in my back garden without planning permission. The council would be onto me, and l would probably have to have it demolished, although l would obviously still own the land. This is the same situation at Dale Farm, but it has been going in and out of court for the last 10 years, and, in the meantime, people have settled there (settled travellers? Definitely oxymoronic language by anyones standards). The land is old scrap land and the people are now settled (next to the legal travellers site). This now begs the question of where they all now going to live once evicted. Moving them is costing millions, and the land will still be unsightly and good for nothing once they have gone. This should have been sorted as soon as they started building, not 10 years down the line, and l am sure a lot of people working in the legal profession would have made shitloads of money out of this. Even though the travellers have broken the rules, after 10 years, evicting them serves no purpose and will just create more problems. The building rules may well be changed shortly, if the good Mr Cameron has anything to do with it, so let them stay. Next time another one of these situations looks like occuring, give the judges a kick up the backside and use some common sense to prevent building at an early stage. The travellers are at fault, but so is our legal system. Maybe we should send in the rozzers to sort out the judges, sitting there on their loathsome spotty behinds like poor people in church, procrastinating with their decisions while reaping the financial benefits and lording it over the great poor unwashed. Power to the people!!!

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