Tuesday, 18 October 2011

the comic strip presents - the hunt for tony blair (2011)

A one off special, 'The Hunt For Tony Blair' was filmed as a film noir style murder mystery suspense thriller, in which Tony Blair ( Stephen Mangan) is on the run for murder, ends up killing more people, but may have been innocent (and gets seduced by Margaret Thatcher along the way). There are some great performances ( Nigel Planer as Peter Mandelson, Tony Curran as Robin Cook), surpassed by Steven Mangan as Blair himself, but it just wasn't that funny or thrilling. A great idea, and superbly filmed, but ultimately, l found it to be a let down, which was a shame, as some of the earlier Comic Strip stuff was excellent. Mind you, l also found the some of the early stuff to be hit and miss, so it should not have been that much of a surprise to me. I am also pretty dubious when so many well known comic actors are involved in something, as the plot and writing are often poor (see Carry On Columbus or St Trinian's for proof). A classic case of style over content.

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