Wednesday, 12 October 2011

colour pictures from the blitz

You often see pictures of the bombing in London and elsewhere, but they are usually in black and white.
While those photographs can be really effective, it is a lot better seeing the damage caused in colour.
These pictures are from the London Blitz, and because of the colour, it is easier to empathise with the misery, destruction, and effects on everyday people's lives, as the photos could easily have been taken recently (apart from the old buses).
What a crap load of clearing up and rebuilding that had to be done afterwards. Rather them than me anyday.
War - URGHH! What is it good for?
The top picture reminds me of Liverpool when l was a kid, due to the much forgotten aftermath of the Liverpool Blitz, when Hitler even bombed his half brothers (Alois Hitler Jr) house (102 Upper Stanhope Street).
And my granny's chip shop.

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