Tuesday, 25 October 2011

at the caravan site and off work

Hurrah! I have been slaving away for the last week or so, but l am now off until Thursday afternoon. Haven't done a lot recently, apart from myself and the FPO visiting the relatives at the caravan site by Richmond on Saturday (they were calling in there, they are not travellers), but that was only because there was an offer of free hot dogs with onions laid on the table (in both senses). We all managed to fit into the caravan, despite the kiddie toys on the floor (I hope they were Lauren's), and we also managed a brief visit to the river before l had to head back, as l was working that afternoon/evening. On Sunday, Robbo and Kerry called round for the footie, but the less said about that the better (apart from little Jamie kicking my head). I actually finished work yesterday evening, but stayed up watching the first series of 'Pete Versus Life' into the early hours, as l had not seen any of them before. They were well worth the late night effort, and the show has really impressed me, it's both off beat and original. Rather sadly, I was then woken this morning by the FPO getting ready for work, so l was up and out of bed, downstairs and watching films by 7am (hence the reviews below). What a nightmare, but l just couldn't get back to sleep. I have been alternating between TV and the computer all morning, as l still feel tired, so l don't want to read a book at the moment. At least there is football on again tonight, time for United to repair their reputation against the mighty Aldershot in the Mickey Mouse Cup, in preparation for the Everton game on Saturday (when l am off for the weekend! - and there is a party!). No doubt little Michael Owen will score again and there will be a campaign for him to be recalled for England (yawn). It's a hard life, but you can't let the bastards grind you down.

toodle pip

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