Wednesday, 26 October 2011

art for places project - bootle 2008

I missed the Art For Places project when it hitched up in Bootle in 2008 (as l was swanning around New York at the time), but l grew up in the street next to this balloon and have been in the pub on the corner (The Pacific) on many an occasion. I'm all for art projects in deprived areas, although l would have preferred a permanent item, like the Antony Gormley statues at Crosby beach (Bootle beach to me). Just don't give the artists all of the money, and use local craftsmen to make the exhibits.
The Johnson's factory was the landmark l most related to as a nipper, but apparently, it is going to be transformed into flats and shops. At least it is not being knocked down, it should be (if it is not already) be classed as a listed building). I hope the renovation works out better than the bee hives they installed along the canal.

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