Sunday, 16 October 2011

art brut - darlington 15th october 2011

Went to see Art Brut last night at Inside Out in Darlington, only to discover the venue had changed to a place round the corner, and the start time was 9.30pm. This certainly pleased me, as l was drinking, but the FPO was not so happy as she was driving back, which meant only an odd snifter of ale for her (unlucky!). We decided to go to The Green Dragon to see what that is like now, as l had not been in there for ages, and used to drink there all the time a few years ago. It has certainly changed. It used to be pretty scruffy, but it is now like a miniature disco with hardly any seats, and is crap. Luckily Art Brut saved the evening later on, as they were fucking brilliant, really rocking out (maaan) and also funny, with Eddie Argos walking amongst the crowd and ad libbing tales. I thought they would be good (which is why l bought the tickets in the first place), but they were much better than expected. It's just a shame there was not extra publicity and more people there to see it, as it must be depressing for them when the crowd is small. Rather sadly, that will probably be the cause of them breaking up, if they feel they are getting nowhere, or even going backwards with their career. I'll have to offer my services as publicity man, or it will all end in tears. If l manage to upload the video l filmed at the gig, l will stick it up later, but don't hold your breath. In the meantime, here's a clip from Germany.

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