Tuesday, 25 October 2011

angel unchained (1970) - lee maddon

Angel Unchained is a biker exploitation movie that deals with Angel, (Don Stroud) a former bike leader meeting (and then deciding to settle down with) some hippies on a farm, mainly because he (predictably) falls for a young Tyne Daly (from Cagney and Lacey). They are then terrorised by some local hicks, so Angel gets the old bike crew in to help out. The story deals with the struggle for pacifism in the face of aggression and provocation, the bounds of friendship, and free love and jealousy. However, I am definitely giving it a lot more gravitas than it deserves. It is pretty dated and crap, features stereotypical hicks, hippies and bikers and the fight scenes are unbelievable. The film is so obscure and bad, it is not even on Wikipedia. Avoid at all costs unless there really is nothing else on the old glass teat.

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