Wednesday, 21 September 2011

yet another spider at work

I was on a work sleepover again last night, and guess what? Another fucking spider scared the crap out of me. The photo above is taken in the room l was just about to sleep in, on the wall next to the bed. The corner of the picture does not give full justice to the size of the picture or the largeness of the spider. They are both pretty big. Saying that, the spider was big, as l obviously killed the bloody thing, even though l was once again crapping my (by now) heavily stained pants (especially when l only stunned it and knocked it to the floor first in my panicky state). I usually shove the bed away from the wall so there is a decent gap, just in case of any spiders appearing on the wall next to me, or (heaven forbid), actually crawling onto the bed. Last night, that bed was shoved nearly in the centre of the room, well away from having anything against it (apart from the floor and myself). I still did not sleep very well, as l imagined the eight legged bastards coming to get me, as this seems to have turned into a battle between them and me. Trust me, it's not a battle l would want to be involved in, and l would rather they all buggered off somewhere else and left me alone to lead a peaceful life. God l hate them. Before finding this one, l had been having a pleasant evening watching Manchester United beating Leeds 3-0 in The Carling Cup, so l was retiring to bed in high spirits. My, how things can suddenly change (and not for the better). AAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sleepover tomorrow had better not involve discovering more of them, or l will be doing a dirty protest.

toodle pip

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