Monday, 19 September 2011

winter's bone (2010 ) - debra granik

Winter's Bone was a strange one. I enjoyed it, but not as much as l was expecting, as l usually like slow moving, realistic, gritty and dark films. That is not to say it is not good, it is. Somehow though, l was disappointed and felt that there was something lacking, what that was, l couldn't put my finger on. The acting was superb, and it certainly put me off going to The Ozarks for a holiday, particularly in their neck of the woods, as it was a bit like Deliverance country, but missing the river (and the great child banjo player - which was faked l hope you know).
Ree Dolly (played by Jennifer Lawrence, who was outstanding), has to find her father before their shack is repossessed. He has skipped bail and also put the place up for a bond. Ree meets some unsavoury characters along the way, but gets some assistance from Teardrop (John Hawkes), her dad's brother. It is certainly not a feel good movie, and it also highlights the effects of the methamphetamine industry out in the wilds, where there is a lot of poverty and no hope, except for maybe joining the Army. The ending is (kind of) happy, albeit in a dark way, but it is not a date night movie by any stretch of the imagination.

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