Wednesday, 14 September 2011

the scouting book for boys (2009) - tom harper

Decided to give this film a go as it starred Thomas Turgoose, who has been in a few other things l have enjoyed (This is England, This is England 86, Somers Town), and it/he did not let me down. Turgoose plays his usual put upon adolescent role, and l had to stick on on the old subtitles as l couldn't follow all the Norfolk brogue (l'm getting old you know - the hearing's going and l'm turning demented), but the film was a pleasant surprise (although not very pleasant). Two young friends hang around together until she runs away. The police hunt for her and suspect an older friend of theirs has abducted her. It does not have a happy ending.
The actual book of 'Scouting For Boys' features in the film, which is the second time l have seen it in a few days, as it was also shown on 'QI', which made me think about reading it (the 1908 version that tells you how to deal with suicides, skin animals etc), as it is something l have never seen before (disadvantaged childhood and all that). Now l will definitely get a copy (and go hunting cattle and sustain myself by living off the land). On second thoughts - too many spiders about to be living outdoors.

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