Friday, 30 September 2011

play it again sam - herbert ross

Although directed by Herbert Ross, Play It Again Sam was written by (and stars) Woody Allen, and it maybe my favourite film of his. Allen Felix (Woody) is getting a divorce and trying to get acquainted with another girl (with the help of his best friends, Dick and Linda). He keeps getting imaginary advice from Humphrey Bogart, and ends up falling for Linda (Diana Keaton), which turns out to be mutual. In the end they all do the right thing, which also involves re-enacting the end of Casablanca (just watch the film). It is excellent throughout, Woody is fantastic doing his slapstick routines, and the wordplay also scores highly. Although l have nearly recovered from my illness, l nearly killed myself with a mixture of laughing out loud, followed by a bouts of frantic coughing. Well worth it though, as it's brilliant film. I may even dig out and have a drink from the mug that l bought at Rick's cafe (in Casablanca, but not the original one as it was a studio build).

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