Thursday, 29 September 2011

off work ill and reading

Urgh! The good news is l have been off work, and will be off again tomorrow (I think I will be back on Saturday). The bad news is l have flu/pleurisy/swine flu/bronchitis/leprosy or something bad, as l have been sneezing, crapping, not sleeping properly, having hot flushes, aching all over, and coughing up phlegm all the time, resulting in a bad chest and not being able to breath properly (I'm really going through my inhalers at the moment). Although the weather has been great, l have been indoors, reading and falling asleep, then waking up coughing. I even took a picture of my wee yesterday as it was pretty dark, but the FPO advised me not to put it on the blog (she has no taste). Feel like l am getting better, as l have stopped sneezing, but am still aching everywhere and not breathing properly (and still coughing up that phlegm!). It will have to be a trip to the doctors if it continues, but hopefully it is nearly over. I wouldn't mind the flushes and can tolerate aches and pains to be off work, but it's the constant coughing and lack of breath that gets on my (and the FPO's) nerves. I blame God.

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