Tuesday, 13 September 2011

the napoleon of notting hill - gk chesterton

More holiday reading.
Set in the future (which for a book written in 1904, was1984) when Kings of England are chosen at random.
Auberon Quin becomes ruler and (as a joke) divides London up into districts which bear the emblems he has designed for them.
An idealistic young man (Adam Wayne), who he had met when Adam was a child, ends up defending Notting Hill against developers, as he had taken what the King said to him at face value.
Philosophical and humorous in places, it can also be hard going, even if you have a profound liking for crusades and morality.
I had originally started this earlier in the year as an audio book, but kept getting distracted and losing the gist of the story. It is much better as a book, but somehow, not as good as l was expecting.

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