Wednesday, 14 September 2011

the liverpool spider and the london elephant

These kind of art shows are fantastic. The reason l have them in my mind, is l have just seen a documentary about the Liverpool Spider (La Princesse), which was put on by Artichoke (who also did The London Sultan's Elephant). It costs a lot of money to put these things on (£1.8 million for the Liverpool one), but as somebody said in the crowd, it's only about £1 per person but it brings in a lot of revenue, and gives pride and joy to the people. I also love the Antony Gormley 'Another Place' figures at Crosby (Bootle beach as l know it) and 'The Angel of The North' in Gateshead (also by Gormley). The only thing l don't like, is the fact that some of the people behind the scenes will be getting paid a hell of money to lunch and commission them (and local workmen should be used to build them). Still fucking great though!

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