Wednesday, 14 September 2011

jimmy carter self improvement - the observer

There was a really good piece on Jimmy Carter in The Observer at the weekend, which can be found here. He was one of the better USA presidents, sadly bought down by (amongst other things) The Iran Hostage situation . Operation Eagle Claw, commanded by Charlie Beckwith, failed in it's mission to bring back the hostages, and Beckwith has a book (Delta Force) about the operation, in which he praises Carter for taking the blame and not trying to hide behind his decisions, or appropriate blame elsewhere. Ronald Reagan followed Carter as president in 1981, and the day after, the hostages were released. Bastards.
The main bit in the article that got to me though, was he and his wife read the bible to each other at night time. No..... hold on....that's not the whole story....they read it to each other in Spanish, as they are trying to self improve.
Jimmy Carter is 86.

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