Sunday, 25 September 2011

hayley's gone off to norwich

A long day out today, as we (myself, the FPO and my sister) took my sister's daughter (Hayley) to Norwich, where she is going to be studying at the University of Eat Anglia. Even without any traffic jams, it was still over 4 hours each way, and we were pretty pleased to be back home again afterwards. The FPO drove there and back, which was a blessing, but l had trouble trying to stay awake on the way back, as l was just sitting there. Obviously l was woken every time we arrived at a roundabout, as directions would be required, but it was quite nice dropping off to the sounds from the CD player. It was a bit daunting for Hayley being left there by herself, but she met some of the other students before we left (who looked about 13), and l am sure she will be fine after a short while, as she is used to being pretty self sufficient. She will be a changed person by the time she completes her course, and l suppose l should be saving up, as l said l would pay for her to go to New York if she completed a degree (unless the sweet release of death gets to me first). As she is in the halls of residence for the first year, there is no room to crash out if we fancied a night out down there, so that may have to wait until she is sharing a house in the second and third year. She has been warned.

toodle pip

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