Tuesday, 13 September 2011

comedy overload - sean lock - rich hall and bill hicks

Myself and the FPO have been catching up on TV recorded while away, including live concerts from Sean Lock, Rich Hall and Bill Hicks (we like our comedy!). She was not too keen on the Bill Hicks stuff, and Sean Lock was OK (she found him funnier than l did), but Rich Hall was excellent, especially when he is singing as his Otis Lee Crenshaw alter ego. I am a big fan of Bill Hicks myself, in fact l also watched American - The Bill Hicks Story afterwards (alone), but agree that he sometimes spends too much time trying to put over a political point, rather than being funny (a bit like Lenny Bruce did towards the end). Rich Hall was definitely the funniest of these shows, he had us both crying with laughter, and we have re-watched the show again since. Both droll and unexpected, marvellous stuff.

toodle pip

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