Thursday, 15 September 2011

casino royale (1953) - ian flemming

The first James Bond book l have ever read! I saw the film a while ago, and was not that impressed. I thought it dragged on a bit as it was too long, and although l know the typical audience loves explosions/car chases etc, l couldn't wait for it to finish (I was at the cinema). I thought the book was a lot better, and much more up my street, as there was more about Bond's thoughts and misgivings. It also portrayed him as a man who has weaknesses (along with being a cold blooded killer of course). He does not run around knocking people off (unless you count Vesper), and he is also sexist and ruthless with women (until of course, he falls in love and becomes a big softie). He plays at the Casino, survives a couple of assassination attempts, gets abducted and tortured, but does not kill anyone, although he describes a couple of earlier killings. A lot different from the films, l'm sure you will agree.
Plus Daniel Craig played Bond in the Casino Royale film, and everyone knows that Sean Connery is the best Bond.

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