Tuesday, 20 September 2011

bride of frankenstein (1935) - james whale

Just what you would expect from James Whale. Lots of moody and atmospheric shots, plenty of overacting, and some (rather splendid but) ludicrous stuff, like the little King/Queen etc in the jars. This film is obviously the follow up to Frankenstein (1931) and continues on from where that film ended. Mary Shelly is still weaving her magical tale, in which the creature and Baron Frankenstein have both (of course) survived, and the Baron is persuaded (against his will) by Dr Pretorious to make the creature a mate. Along the way, the creature meets (and is befriended by) the blind hermit (as in the book), but (of course), that also ends in tears. Don't think it is good news when the mate is made either, as once again, the poor old creature is rejected (I know how he feels). It's bad news when even a female bought back to life is not happy to be with you. Once again, the creature dies at the end. But for how long?
Another classic from the archives!

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