Friday, 30 September 2011

bob dylan - (2010), plus leon busy (1905) 'opium'

There is a bit of a fuss at the moment as to whether Bob Dylan has ripped off an old photograph for his 'Opium' painting. You would be a fool to deny that it has not come from Leon Busy's photograph, which was taken in about 1905, but where is the problem with painting a photograph? If Dylan claims all the inspiration for himself, and says it is original, that is another matter. Until then, chill out and make the most of his Bobness while he is still alive (Plus l like both the painting and photo). Not sure about putting the paintings in an art gallery if they are to be judged on the paintings themselves, but l have no issues with Dylan's paintings/writings/drawings/artifacts being displayed somewhere as a tribute and homage to the great man.

toodle pip

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