Friday, 30 September 2011

bloody spiders (again!)

As it is nice weather again today, l thought l would open the front door and see how hot it was, as l had not even opened a door since Monday, and have been inside all week. Look what was awaiting me (and l nearly walked into). A bloody big spiders web right across the doorway with a fat spider in the middle. I wouldn't mind so much, but it must only have spun it's web today as the FPO went out through the doorway this morning on the way to work. Christ l hate them. Saying that, it didn't half go flying off into the distance when l whacked it with one of the kitchen implements (which l then washed vigorously afterwards). I am definitely checking doorways before strolling through them in the future. That's something else to be worried about - no wonder l can relate to Woody Allen movies (see below).

toodle pip

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