Monday, 26 September 2011

3,096 days - natasha kampusch

This book is about Natasha Kampusch and her abduction in 1988 by Wolfgang Priklopil, who kept her in his Austrian basement until she escaped in 2006. The book was at the villa l stayed at on holiday, so l bought it home with me to read, as it is something l would not have spent any of my hard earned cash on. It is obviously repetitive and pretty harrowing, but because of the nature of the captivity, not a lot really happens, apart from her getting older, suffering more beatings and hard work, and explaining how she does not feel she has Stockholm Syndrome. The most interesting parts (for me at least) were the abduction itself, her forgiveness of him, and getting the courage to finally escape. What a life she has had (I thought mine was bad enough). At least she had a good education by him, so it was not all wasted#.

# Yes, that is a joke. Maybe a tasteless one, but a joke non the less. Get over it.

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