Saturday, 13 August 2011

the word magazine amy winehouse cover

The Word is my favourite magazine, and has been for a while.
I have loved the magazine since the first issue, and always look forward to the start of a new month, and the magazine plopping through my letter box (that sounds disgusting).
Although there are sometimes drops in standards, it is always well worth the money, and there is always a free CD with it, containing tracks l have never heard before.
This is the new edition that plopped through earlier in the week (as l am a subscriber), and whatever your views on Amy Winehouse, this is a great photograph and layout.
The issues for sale in the shops will have extra writing on the cover, plus a CD stuck to it, which is a shame, as the work that has gone into this will not be on open display for all to admire.
The solution is.....
Get a subscription here.
(and no, l don't get anything from recommending the mag)

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