Monday, 15 August 2011

watchmen (2009) - zack snider and pop will eat itself - def con one

After slaving away in the garden today, cutting the grass and digging up bushes, l had a soak and sleep in the bath, then this evening, myself and the FPO finally got round to watching Watchmen, as we have had it on DVD for ages, but always ended up taking in something else. l thought it was a really good adaptation, and as everyone should know, it is based on the comics by the great man himself, Alan Moore (who knows the score, as PWEI sang), Dave Gibbons, and colourist John Higgins. There was loads of gory violence, it was dark, and it stayed pretty true to the comics. There was too much romantic stuff for my liking, and if they had cut some of that out, the film would have been a more manageable length (it was about 155 minutes). Films, unless they are really special (and so few are) should be about 90 minutes long, as that is my attention span for most of them nowadays. Still pleased l had parted with my hard earned dosh for the DVD (£3 in Tescos!), pity there is still a pile of other ones l have to get round to, as well as re-reading all of the comics (of course l have them all - l'm very very sad).

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