Tuesday, 2 August 2011

tidying up before the mother in law arrives

This cartoon is way too close to home

As the mother in law is coming for tea tonight, and as l am off work until Thursday afternoon, l have been given strict instructions by the FPO to tidy up our stinking hovel, which I have been doing in shifts, as the weather, although still crap, is very close.
To compensate for this, I currently have two fans on (in the bedrooms, not wearing them - that would look silly). This cleaning method also gives me time to read and listen to stuff while l am sorting through things, plus have a break from the computer every now and then, so l can stretch my legs and get a drink at the same time. A classic cleaning strategy, l am sure you will agree (honed to perfection when l used to do waking nights at work).
So far, l have done the dishes and clothes washing, taken the bin out (and then bought it back after it was emptied), tidied the bathroom and living room, cleaned around the kitchen and even washed the kitchen floor. At my age, no wonder l am exhausted.
The only thing left to do now is hoover (and drink more coffee), but l have until about 4.30/5pm, so it is all going splendidly. Now if l only knew where the hoover is kept.........................Hello...it looks like the sun is finally coming out.....

Damn! My cleaning plan may be foiled!

toodle pip

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