Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ron jeremy - the hardest working man in showbiz

This was actually a bit boring. Of course it is interesting in some parts, but it didn't have much of a story with which to keep you interested. There's the porn films (and being able to autofellate himself), trying to make it as a serious actor and comedian, how bright he is (and his talks), and his dealing with some celebrities and the law.
That all make sit sound more interesting than it was, but to me at least, it was disappointing, and he seems to have quiet a depressing life (even with the sex and fame).
Ron, (along with John Holmes and Jeff Stryker) is one of the most well known male porn stars in the World, but l don't think he is happy (despite his protests to the contrary).
Shame really, as he seems like a nice (but needy) guy.

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