Friday, 19 August 2011

the misfits (1961) - john huston

Some parts of this film l quiet enjoyed (the underlining tension and changes between the Old West and the new ways), and l do think there should be an up to date remake of it. On the over hand, Marilyn Monroe's acting got on my nerves, as it just seemed like a caricature of what she was meant to be like in real life (unhinged in lots of ways). This may well be true, as her husband at the time, (Arthur Miller) wrote it as their marriage was falling apart, but it was still annoying. She was also meant to be really stunning, but it was evident that by the time it was filmed, she was starting to look older and had lost some of her beauty (which of course, is wasted on the young). This was obvious to a silly degree in some scenes when she was shot in super extra special and noticeable soft focus, such as when she was talking to Clark Gable in the house. I did like Montgomery Clift in it, but Eli Wallach was bugging me as l couldn't remember what other films l had seen him in, until l clicked and remembered The Good The Bad And The Ugly (a classic). I also hope no horses were injured making the film, and if Clark Gable really did do a lot of the stunts himself, no wonder he died shortly afterwards (after having a heart attack 2 days after shooting finished).

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