Thursday, 25 August 2011

the marriage of maria braun (1979) - reiner werner fassbinder

As l enjoyed 'The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant', (see here) which is also by Fassbinder, l thought l would crack on with some more of his stuff, hence the watching of this. Maria gets married (you could have guessed that part), but then searches for her husband, believes him to be dead, moves on with her life, meets him again, visits him in prison (for a crime she committed), becomes rich, and then gets re-united after an absence. All of this is as Germany is recovering after the Second World War, and it (the film) does not end happily. You could also look upon Maria as representing Germany and its people trying to move on and just survive, using whatever methods it takes, but harbouring a love for something in the past, that may well never have existed, but was craved for (love and a better future). That's my take on it anyway. It's pretty miserable and slow (like me), and also subtitled (unlike me), but it ticked the boxes l appreciate.

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