Thursday, 4 August 2011

the lost weekend (1945) - billy wilder

Based on the
Charles R. Jackson book of the same name, but without any mention of Don Birnam's (played by
Ray Milland) homosexual experience when he was younger, or thoughts of murder at the end. This tells the story of an alcoholics weekend and his downward spiral. It bugged me, as l kept trying to remember what else l had seen Ray Milland in, until l finally remembered it was Dial M for Murder. Much better acting from Ray Milland than you usually get in most of these old films (in fact he won an Oscar for it), and not the kind of film l would usually have expected from Billy Wilder, as, although l know he did thrillers at the start of his career, l always associate him with Some Like It Hot, which (of course), is class. Now where did l hide my bottle of whisky?

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