Wednesday, 24 August 2011

just william - richmal crompton

I used to love these books when l was a young kid, and read loads (if not all) of them.

Alongside 'Peanuts' books, comics (both American and 'The Valiant'), football (including magazines/annuals that featured football) and TV, they kept me (relatively) sane, although some would disagree with that bold statement.

I have just re-read this, and l could see what the appeal was, even though it was first published in 1922. The themes are (or were) still the same for a young boy, and it is really well written (by Richmal Crompton), capturing the speech, impulsiveness and martyrdom of an adolescent. Hats off to the old girl.

I can't say it bought back happy memories of my childhood, but it did remind me of my escapes from it. Great stuff.

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