Tuesday, 16 August 2011

in the electric mist (2009) - bertrand tavernier

I enjoyed this, but had to switch on the subtitles due to the southern dialect getting on my nerves, as l kept missing words. Maybe it's because l am so old, deaf, and simple minded, but whatever the case, at least the subtitles made it easier to follow. Probably because it is not so straightforward, it has never been released theatrically in the USA, only on DVD. Tommy Lee Jones plays a copper who is investigating a case concerning a murdered girl, which turns into a few murdered girls, and also the death of a negro many years before. He had witnessed the negro's death when he was a small boy, and he also started seeing (and having conversations with) General John Bell Wood, from the American Civil War. Another whodunnit, but a lot more up to date. Based on the book 'In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead' by James Lee Burke.

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