Saturday, 27 August 2011

hurricane irene and the east coast of the usa

This is a picture from NASA of Hurricane Irene as it is about to hit the East Coast of The USA. Cool picture, but bad news for people in it's path. It reminds me of sleeping rough in New York in September (back in the day - even before Manchester United were treble winners), just after a Hurricane (God knows what it was called). Did l whinge? No, l welcomed the challenge and took it in my stride, as l am an upstanding, stiff upper lipped (what does that even mean?) hardy Scouse survivor (and l was very, very drunk). It was also character building and made me the man l am today (oh Dearie me). Happy days Indeed.
Rather sadly (in my opinion) the names for future Hurricanes have already been decided, and they are here. For me, it takes away some of the magic, as the severity of the Hurricane should be accessed, then given a name (Mandy?)

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