Friday, 26 August 2011

holiday time is here!!

Swimming in the pool

Strolling to the local taverna

This will be me for the next couple of weeks (from tomorrow) - off work (now) - not a care in the World (usual state of affairs) - going to Portugal (with my best buddies by my side) - have bought wine (for tonight), and we will be having booze (lots of it) on the hols - books (stocked up the kindle) - sunshine (it should be scorching) - private villa and swimming pool, therefore naked swimming - hurrah! (although maybe not so good for the long suffering womenfolk).
All l need to do now is find somewhere that will be showing a repeat of the Manchester United v Arsenal game on Sunday evening, as it will be on as we are arriving. Can't miss that, and l have a lead and a phone number to call. Luckily there are are only a couple of England games on while we are away, and l am not that bothered about seeing them (so that has worked out well for the girls).
Birthday do's tomorrow (celebrating three of them), staying over in the Boro tomorrow night, then it's goodbye crappy pissing rubbish God awful miserable British weather (another Hurrah!) and no return to work until 15th September. HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH!

toodle pip

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