Friday, 26 August 2011

the english patient (1996) - michael ondaatje

Well, this has only been out for about 15 years, and it was on TV last night while l was at work, so l thought it maybe about time l got around to checking it out. I'm sure just about everyone in the World apart from me knows the story already, but here goes. The English patient of the film (Ralph Fiennes) is burnt in an aeroplane crash, then, while he is tended to by Nurse Hana (Juliette Binoche), his life is told in flashbacks, some of which turn out to be deceiving. He drags his bloody book around (by Herodutus - the so called father of history), falls in love, and gets himself a bad name (in various ways). Everyone's acting is excellent, and the story did not pan out as expected, so it was not as excruciating as l thought it would be (which is why l had put off seeing it for so long). In fact, l could see why it appealed to so many and won it's multiple Oscars. l'll admit it, it was pretty good (although l prefer Lawrence of Arabia). Mind you, it was funny seeing Naveen Andrews in it (Hana's love interest Kip), as l kept being reminded of 'The Buddha Of Suburbia' (l never watched 'Lost'). If that was his own hair, it has got mighty, mighty long.

toodle pip.

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