Saturday, 13 August 2011

the daily mail and the frail old woman who wants to overstay her visa

Somebody had The Daily Mail with them at work this week, so naturally, l had a glance through after they had finished with it. Once l got past the pages (and pages) about the riots, this article caught my eye. A 96 year old woman from the UK has gone to Australia to visit family on a 12 month visa. She now wants to stay longer, so she can be with her family as her health deteriorates, which means using the Australian Health Service. Because she will be classed as a burden to the state, she is to be deported back to the UK. The Mail is supporting her and saying how unjust this verdict is.


Imagine if somebody came to the UK on a visa to visit their family, let's say a 96 year old woman from somewhere in Africa. They then wanted to overstay and use the NHS for treatment, as they were also frail and wanted to be with their family. The Mail would be in uproar, ranting about how the system is being abused and can't afford to treat all the foreigners coming over (deliberately, as l'm sure they would say) for treatment, so send them back.

Sometimes it's too easy to take the piss out of the Mail, racist and right wing bastards they are.

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