Tuesday, 2 August 2011

chris' stag do

End of the road for Johnny

End of the road for Robbo

The Durham pub we were in (The Boatman's?)

Newcastle train station

In Durham

My bedtime (last man standing)

Another Durham pub

In Newcastle

At The Boatman's in Durham

Went through to Newcastle, and
Durham for Chris' stag do on Saturday, once myself and Robbo managed to get through the Tyne Tunnel, as we were following the sat nav we were instructed (ordered) to use, and there was roadworks at the tunnel, which threw it off the trail somewhat. Anywhoos, we got there in the end, then it was straight into a taxi and down into town for some ales with the boys. We then got the train to Durham for a few drinks there, then back to Newcastle for the evening. We managed to get back to Chris and Hills place (in Heaton ) in dribs and drabs, and once there, l would like to point out that l was last man standing, as everyone ended up flaking out. I shared the living room with Matt, which was a big mistake as he snores louder than Robbo, so l never had much sleep. Probably (no probably about it really) l would have been over the limit driving back on Sunday, then it was the traditional end to the adventure at The Cross Keys, before back to (not so sunny) Catterick. Sat drinking wine in the garden with the FPO and the idiot animals, followed by a soak in the bath and a relatively early night. Chris enjoyed it, l didn't flake out, and there was no violence, so a good time was had by all. I was surprised how many other stag and hen does were out in both Newcastle and Durham, especially as we avoided The Bigg Market. It wasn't like that back when l used to boss the place (Newcastle). Bloody kids today etc etc....

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