Sunday, 14 August 2011

breaking in the new local in tunstall

Been out this afternoon with the brother in law (Dazzer) in the local pub (The Bay Horse) up the road where he now lives (Tunstall). The last time l drank in there was about 20 years (or more) ago when l proceeded to walk home, tried to ride a horse bareback (the joys of the countryside) and got tossed off (fffnnnnaaarrr).
Anyway, the locals that were in there today l obviously won over, then ingrained Dazzer into their affections, and then went back to his place (eventually - good job l asked him to tape it) to watch Manchester United win their first game of the premiership this year (2-1 away at West Brom) and have an Indian (food) with the ladies.
A good afternoons entertainment if it wasn't for his idiotic wife trying to bet me £50 and sprouting rubbish about music.
I am always right, and if l am proved wrong, l change my opinion so l am right again.

toodle pip

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