Wednesday, 3 August 2011

the adventures of robinson crusoe (1954) - louis bunuel

This was better than l remembered, and apart from the colour being a bit washed out (washed out - get it?), was one of the better olden films that l so enjoy watching. Let's face it, everyone already knows the story. Robinson (Dan O'Herlihy) gets stranded on an Island after a shipwreck, survives, gets scared of neighbouring cannibals, rescues Man Friday, then escapes the Island (after 28 years!), leaving other (baddies) sailors on it. He has to cope with his loneliness and it also deals with attitudes towards slaves (Robinson was on his way to get some more slaves for his plantation when he got stranded) and his relationship with God. Luis Buñuel put in a fantasy sequence when Robinson had a fever and was desperate for water, but apart from that, it was pretty much a straight (condensed) retelling of the book. Takes me back to my childhood in Bootle watching stuff like this, sitting in the cinema at the top of our road for the Saturday morning matinee, although l don't know if that is a good thing or not!

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