Friday, 5 August 2011

17 year old gets killed by bear

The boy from Eton (Horatio Chapple)
got eaten ( (OK Mauled - cheap joke). Because l am an insensitive working class guy, l obviously have a skewed (not stewed - the bear never got the chance to cook him) opinion on the subject. But...If the spoon fed gentleman (l would normally say tosser, but l have never met him) decides to go into the bears habitat, it's at his own risk. Spare the bear and kill the rich, that's what l say, so justice was served until the bear was made to suffer and die. And........anyone called Horatio was evidently a privileged individual who made an informed decision beforehand and was obviously aware of the risks. Apologies to his family and friends who are naturally suffering, but if rich kids decide to go travelling the world looking for kicks, they also have to take responsibility. If they decide to get too close to the 'Real Word', it is at their own risk, let's try and keep the animals alive.

toodle pip

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