Saturday, 27 August 2011

holiday time is now!


Back in two weeks.

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funny games (2007) - michael haneke

I saw this just after it had first been released. Time has not changed it (or it's impact) as l watched it again this evening with the FPO, and she loved it, even though the rewind part and breaking the 4th wall bits took her by surprise. A family get terrorised by two young lads, who are pretty damn crazy (and wear cool white Converse All Stars). Another film that does not end happily (but is excellent). Why is this never included in critics lists of top films? It is superbly acted, life like, and has unexpected twists (which are unusual in a film, as they are real to life). Superb and highly recommended.

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sea lampreys do not like the smell of death

These Sea Lampreys certainly do not like these tests being done, whereby they are introduced to (Hello Mr Sea Lamprey!) dead relatives. Serves the little bastards right.

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hurricane irene and the east coast of the usa

This is a picture from NASA of Hurricane Irene as it is about to hit the East Coast of The USA. Cool picture, but bad news for people in it's path. It reminds me of sleeping rough in New York in September (back in the day - even before Manchester United were treble winners), just after a Hurricane (God knows what it was called). Did l whinge? No, l welcomed the challenge and took it in my stride, as l am an upstanding, stiff upper lipped (what does that even mean?) hardy Scouse survivor (and l was very, very drunk). It was also character building and made me the man l am today (oh Dearie me). Happy days Indeed.
Rather sadly (in my opinion) the names for future Hurricanes have already been decided, and they are here. For me, it takes away some of the magic, as the severity of the Hurricane should be accessed, then given a name (Mandy?)

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the death of jack layton and the chalk messages

He was the head of Canada's New Democratic Party, and his final public words were :

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."

People wrote messages in chalk on Nathan Phillips Square, opposite Toronto (or New) City Hall, and it is quite touching, even for an old cynic like me.

I need to get a life (or stop drinking wine in the wee wee hours).

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Friday, 26 August 2011

playground insults and sayings

This site is getting on a bit, but is new to me. An excellent source of (sometime buried) memories and information.

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the beach boys smile box set

Oh my giddy aunt, I think l am going to wet myself with excitement.

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david beckham hits three bins in a row advert

If this really happened, l will gladly and willingly let him bum me. In fact, l would insist (David, you lucky man).
There is no way that footage has not been doctored (or l had better hope it hasn't, before l end up with a sore botty).

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holiday time is here!!

Swimming in the pool

Strolling to the local taverna

This will be me for the next couple of weeks (from tomorrow) - off work (now) - not a care in the World (usual state of affairs) - going to Portugal (with my best buddies by my side) - have bought wine (for tonight), and we will be having booze (lots of it) on the hols - books (stocked up the kindle) - sunshine (it should be scorching) - private villa and swimming pool, therefore naked swimming - hurrah! (although maybe not so good for the long suffering womenfolk).
All l need to do now is find somewhere that will be showing a repeat of the Manchester United v Arsenal game on Sunday evening, as it will be on as we are arriving. Can't miss that, and l have a lead and a phone number to call. Luckily there are are only a couple of England games on while we are away, and l am not that bothered about seeing them (so that has worked out well for the girls).
Birthday do's tomorrow (celebrating three of them), staying over in the Boro tomorrow night, then it's goodbye crappy pissing rubbish God awful miserable British weather (another Hurrah!) and no return to work until 15th September. HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH!

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the interesting narrative of olaudah equiano

I started this book while l was in Majorca for work a Month or so ago, but only finished it last night, as l did not like the writing style (and the frequent praises to God). It is an autobiography of Olaudah Equiano (also known as Gustavus Vassa), published in 1791, and telling the story of his capture in Africa, work and treatment as a slave, his conversion to Christianity, plus his many travels and the ill treatment of other slaves he witnessed. He eventually buys his freedom and rallies against slavery, but he certainly travelled a lot (especially in those days), before settling in England. Was it worth the ill treatment for all the travelling experiences? I very much doubt it.

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the english patient (1996) - michael ondaatje

Well, this has only been out for about 15 years, and it was on TV last night while l was at work, so l thought it maybe about time l got around to checking it out. I'm sure just about everyone in the World apart from me knows the story already, but here goes. The English patient of the film (Ralph Fiennes) is burnt in an aeroplane crash, then, while he is tended to by Nurse Hana (Juliette Binoche), his life is told in flashbacks, some of which turn out to be deceiving. He drags his bloody book around (by Herodutus - the so called father of history), falls in love, and gets himself a bad name (in various ways). Everyone's acting is excellent, and the story did not pan out as expected, so it was not as excruciating as l thought it would be (which is why l had put off seeing it for so long). In fact, l could see why it appealed to so many and won it's multiple Oscars. l'll admit it, it was pretty good (although l prefer Lawrence of Arabia). Mind you, it was funny seeing Naveen Andrews in it (Hana's love interest Kip), as l kept being reminded of 'The Buddha Of Suburbia' (l never watched 'Lost'). If that was his own hair, it has got mighty, mighty long.

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

the marriage of maria braun (1979) - reiner werner fassbinder

As l enjoyed 'The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant', (see here) which is also by Fassbinder, l thought l would crack on with some more of his stuff, hence the watching of this. Maria gets married (you could have guessed that part), but then searches for her husband, believes him to be dead, moves on with her life, meets him again, visits him in prison (for a crime she committed), becomes rich, and then gets re-united after an absence. All of this is as Germany is recovering after the Second World War, and it (the film) does not end happily. You could also look upon Maria as representing Germany and its people trying to move on and just survive, using whatever methods it takes, but harbouring a love for something in the past, that may well never have existed, but was craved for (love and a better future). That's my take on it anyway. It's pretty miserable and slow (like me), and also subtitled (unlike me), but it ticked the boxes l appreciate.

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evil knievel ice lolly

In the 1970's, Evil Knievel was a huge star, mainly known for his uncussessful attempts to ride a bike across/over buses and/or The Grand Canyon. He obviously wanted to cash in while he could, and amongst the products available was this disgusting looking ice lolly. What l can't get my head around, is why they chose the hideous looking boy to star in the campaign. Sheer insanity.

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oxford street hmv in the 1960's

If only record stores were still like this....

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andre the giant

l am not a fan of wrestling, especially the USA version of, but l am a fan of drink and characters, and old Andre The Giant (real name Andre Rene Rousimoff) certainly was one of those.
He became famous as a wrestler, (especially his bouts with Hulk Hogan in the 1980's), but was also a huge (in more ways than one) drinker.
Over 100 bottles of beer in six hours? Two bottles of vodka to 'feel warm'? That my friends, is drinking.
Because of his condition (acromegaly), he did not expect to live very long, so he enjoyed life to the full until his death in 1993 (aged 46).
There's a great article about him here.
As l said before, a drinker and a character.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

jeremy mayer's deer made out of typwriter parts

Very impressive. More works and info by Jeremy here.

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just william - richmal crompton

I used to love these books when l was a young kid, and read loads (if not all) of them.

Alongside 'Peanuts' books, comics (both American and 'The Valiant'), football (including magazines/annuals that featured football) and TV, they kept me (relatively) sane, although some would disagree with that bold statement.

I have just re-read this, and l could see what the appeal was, even though it was first published in 1922. The themes are (or were) still the same for a young boy, and it is really well written (by Richmal Crompton), capturing the speech, impulsiveness and martyrdom of an adolescent. Hats off to the old girl.

I can't say it bought back happy memories of my childhood, but it did remind me of my escapes from it. Great stuff.

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ron jeremy - the hardest working man in showbiz

This was actually a bit boring. Of course it is interesting in some parts, but it didn't have much of a story with which to keep you interested. There's the porn films (and being able to autofellate himself), trying to make it as a serious actor and comedian, how bright he is (and his talks), and his dealing with some celebrities and the law.
That all make sit sound more interesting than it was, but to me at least, it was disappointing, and he seems to have quiet a depressing life (even with the sex and fame).
Ron, (along with John Holmes and Jeff Stryker) is one of the most well known male porn stars in the World, but l don't think he is happy (despite his protests to the contrary).
Shame really, as he seems like a nice (but needy) guy.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

john howard davies has died

Who is he?
Only the producer who bought to the screen 'Monty Python's Flying Circus', 'Fawlty Towers', 'Steptoe and Son' and 'Mr Bean' (as well as 'The Good Life').
I remember him from years ago watching David Lean's 'Oliver Twist', in which he played Oliver (alongside Robert Newton, Alec Guinness and Anthony Newley), and as Tom in 'Tom Brown's Schooldays'.
Stone me, what a life. I will even forgive him for being involved with 'The Vicar of Dibley' (which is utter garbage).

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cowboys and aliens and bud neill

I was talking to the FPO last night (someone has to) about this film, and how it is such a simple idea that l have never thought of (or come across) before. Obviously if the film is a big success, there could be all sort of follow ups (Vikings and Aliens, The Romans and Aliens etc).
Here's something along the same lines by cartoonist Bud Neill.

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coin art

How is this done?
It is hurting my brain thinking about it.

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miniature streets outside hamburg

This is by the German artist 'EVOL' and is a pretty original idea (as far as l am aware). It is in a field outside Hamburg, but which one, l couldn't tell you.
More of it l say, but make sure the drainage problem is sorted out in advance.

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spider-man workout

Ah, the innocence of youth, however, l think there is something a bit disturbing about this. 'Doc Knocker', 'I'm glad Mary Jane isn't here', spraying the kids with his sticky webbing.
Or maybe it's just me.

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chinese batman toy

I think they may have lost something in translation.

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