Tuesday, 19 July 2011

working in majorca

It does not look very hot in the photos, but trust me, it was. All went well and l am now pretty damn brown, although l am also peeling a bit (Damn!). I would like to say it was hard work, but it was not too bad and l managed to get a lot of reading done and also listened to a few things on the old ipod. It was the second time l have been to Sa Coma with work, but it will probably be the last for a while, as there are plenty of other places to see. I was away for eight days, so it is good to be back home again, back to staying up late, the bleeding rain, idiot animals and the FPO. Back at work again today, but not long until the weekend (l've got a long weekend off) and not long until we are off to Portugal for a personal holiday at the end of August. Here's counting....

toodle pip

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