Thursday, 7 July 2011

helmet talk - bf mcdonald engraved - is it worth it

The B.F McDonald helmet

Flemish armour ca 1575 (inscribed D.G.V Lochorst)

The Roman helmet (with detachable face) 1st - 2nd century AD

I am impressed by this. It is a normal BF McDonald hard hat, engraved? embossed and punched? repoussaged? by a guy called 'Winsa', from back in the day. Very similar work to that which used to be on the old Flemish and French army uniforms. Not as good to own as the Roman helmet sold last year( ), but still impressive. It has since been sold on Ebay ( for the outrageous sum of 600 of your old US dollars, but these kind of things can be bought in Far Eastern markets, with individual designs, and they are very cheap (50 to 100 dollars) in comparison. I do still think the artwork is great, no matter what it is worth, and some of the people in the Far East will be very skilled, but as usual, because they are unknown, they are ignored by the art world, unless a profit can be made in the future. I've got a good mind to travel to the Far East and bring a load back to sell, of course (eventually) flooding the market (in both senses).

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