Tuesday, 5 July 2011

the girl can't help it (1956)

This is one of the best Rock and Roll films going. Admittedly, it is not that funny, but it does have the odd moment, such as
Tom Ewell playing a drunken Tom Miller, and the start of the film, which l was not expecting when l first saw it many moons ago. What makes it is the performances. It is great seeing Little Richard, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent when they were still young, but my favourite part is probably Julie London singing 'Cry me a River', a song l first heard when sharing a prison cell at Durham prison with a guy called Bronco, as he (thankfully) had a radio in the cell when l arrived (and also, thankfully, he never came on to me). It is also an amazing thing to see the wonder that is Jayne Mansfield's bra. It is just very, very silly.

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