Wednesday, 6 July 2011

cy (edwin parker) twombly has died (April 25, 1928 – July 5, 2011)

The soon to be artist - looking worried about his bum

The great piss taker himself (hopefully)

Phaedrus before and after the 'kiss'

Yin and Yang 1970

Untitled 1951

White poems to the sea 1959

Min Oe 1951

My rabbit - yesterday (not really, it's Arcadia 1958)

Ok, so he died yesterday (, but l have been at work. Cy Twombly, is probably most famous (to laymen) for his Phaedrus painting being kissed by Cambodian - French artist Rindy Sam in 2007, and the ensuring argument about whether it was a valid artistic statement, or just plain vandalism (story here - As it was just plain white (and expensive) beforehand, l thought the painting looked better with the red smudge, although it certainly did not look like a kiss. I also like to think of myself as a man who appreciates artistic endeavours, and much as l might not wish to have some paintings in my home, l can usually see their attraction. However.... Twomby's later works left me cold, unless of course it was one great piss take from him, to show so called art experts would buy and praise anything, as long as the painting's meaning could be explained, and the artist was famous enough. I could put some coloured crayons up my idiot rabbits arse and get him to run around a canvas for a couple of minutes and reproduce an equal to some of the later works. I really don't want to come across as just picking on the dead, as his earlier (before 1954 ish) works I didn't mind, it's just that l really do wish it turned into some kind of abstract piss take, but l doubt it very much.

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