Tuesday, 5 July 2011

another busy weekend - the mcorville - cross keys and jt's.

The McOrville - venue of thefree meal

Inside The McOrville

The view down to Middlesbrough from The Robinsons abode

The Cross Keys, venue for the cider, pate and toast (with Roseberry Topping in the background)

Mark, the manager and drunken birthday boy - outside JT's

Another splendid time was had at the weekend. First off, it was off to Middlesbrough to meet Robbo and Kerry, for a meal on Saturday night at The McOrville, a new 'Gastro pub' just off the A19 (http://www.themcorville.co.uk/). The FPO had won a meal worth £100 through a competition with Nivea, and as luck would have it, the meal came to £110, but we were let off the extra £10 as her food was rubbish first time round(they changed it). Everyone else's food was fine, and the manager was really friendly, so we let them off (and left a tip).
Stayed overnight in Nunthorpe, then sat in the back garden catching some rays on Sunday morning, before heading off to The Cross Keys, (just up the road) for a lunchtime snack and some ale (http://www.pub-explorer.com/nyorks/pub/crosskeysupsall.htm). Louise and her that shall not be named came and met us all, so we stayed for a while in the outside part, as it was really sunny and no-one was in any great hurry to go anywhere. Very pleasant (and my cider, pate and toast was really tasty).
We then called into JT's (http://officialpubguide.com/pubdetails.php?pubid=4737) on our return to Catterick (the FPO was driving), and discovered it was Mark (the managers) 40th birthday. Sat outside with him and some of the other lads for a while, then back home to fire to the bonfire, to try and get rid of all the bushes and crap that was cut last week. Managed to do it, but it took a mighty long time, and l also managed to fall forward when picking something up and banged my shoulder and forehead. Blithering idiot that l am. I think l may also have concussed myself slightly as l got up during the night and was sick, which l never usually do. Fine now though, although l still have the scratches/marks. Battle scars of the weekend is how l shall be describing them.

toodle pip

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