Friday, 1 July 2011

andy murray loses the semi final against nadal (again)

Thank the heavens for that. For one millisecond every year, l have a tiny smidgeon of doubt in my own beliefs and foolishly imagine Murray (or in the past, Henman) had a chance. Thankfully (as usual) my fears have been abated and all is well with the gods of lawn tennis. As someone who used to play a lot ( a working class kid who was a natural), l loved playing tennis (and was undefeated), but met nothing apart from obstacles when trying to find somewhere to play. Luckily l was fantastic at football, so l followed that path (and had a lot more respect from my working class mates). I only watch football on TV, but was pleased to see that Murray had gone out today (on the BBC news website). Scottish bastard. By the way, one of my heroes was/is the Lawman (Scottish), but l would respect Murray if he stated he wanted to win Wimbledon for Scotland, and sod the English. He has no backbone or self belief as far as l am concerned. When the football is on, he has stated he wants anyone to win 'apart from the English'. Now l have no problem with that and l respect him as a Scotsman if he feels that way inclined. On the other hand, he will happily take the support of the (middle/upper class tossers) at Wimbledon who are desperate to see an English winner (but would, at the moment, settle for a British one). If he told them all to bugger off and say he was doing it for Scotland and l would respect him and love his attitude, but l can't see that happening until he starts waning and wants to appeal to the Scots as a local hero (although he has been abroad since he was about 15). Wanker.

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