Tuesday, 28 June 2011

some recent films l've seen - frankenstein (1931)

By jove, it looks like all l do is watch old black and white films, but l assure you this is not the case. However, as an addition to my earlier posts, l have also just watched Frankenstein again, starring Boris Karloff as the ultimate Frankenstein's monster (in my eyes). The (rather brilliant) flat head and bolt through the neck look was created by Universal make up artist Jack Pierce, although James Whale states he created sketches for it. To think it was originally going to star Bela Lugosi, it does not bear thinking about. I prefer the Mary Shelley novel, which has a lot more detail, and helps you understand the monster and his viewpoint, but this is based on the 1927 Peggy Webling play (where the creature was first called Frankenstein), so there are loads of differences from the original text. However, it is always great seeing Boris wandering around with all the slap on. Not a great film, but a classic non the less. It reminds me of making plastic models of Frankenstein and Dracula when l was a kid (which glowed in the dark). You all know the routine..... Professor Henry (Victor in the novel) Frankenstein (Colin Clive) creates a monster, and it all goes pear shaped afterwards. And Maria (Marilyn Harris), the farmers young daughter gets thrown into the lake (restored in the version I saw). Hurrah!

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