Thursday, 30 June 2011

muhammed ali - attica state prison poem and the lighting of the olympic torch

What a handsome, cool, hard, funny and intelligent guy he was.
It bought a tear to my eye seeing him carrying the Olympic torch in 1996.

Still cheated 'Our 'Enry' out of a title though.

And another thing......... People can be crazy. Here's a post on You Tube after an Ali clip.

@dudetube911 He is a great human being, and I believe God loves Ali so much that he made Ali suffer from the disease so all his sins could be burnt away and so Ali can go to heaven as a pure soul because he deserves it.

So, if l have understood this right, the good people that God loves the most are the ones who he makes suffer the most to burn away sins. Hasn't he heard of repenting for your sins?. Idiot.

toodle pip

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