Wednesday, 15 June 2011

marco paolini, the cremonese match fixer with hallucinogenic drugs

So, there's another match fixing scandal in Italy.
Or so you would think.
Marco Paolini, who played for the Italian third division side Cremonese (and looks like Dermot O'Leary), tried to fix a match so his team would lose, as he had a load of pressing debts which needed paying (those gambling bets need to be paid pretty damn sharpish in Italy, comprende?). The team were playing well, so old Marco me lad decides to pay a visit to his Dentist, where he was prescribed a hallucinogenic drug used for insomnia and anxiety (don't ask me how he managed to be given the drug by his dentist, although l would imagine money may have been involved).
Old Marco then spiked his fellow players drinks with it, but the team still won the game 2-0.
The problem, apart from the spiking of drinks/match fixing gone wrong combo, is one of the players crashed his car after having a seizure, and two other players had to be taken to hospital after the game.
Another master plan foiled, but what a mad one to try in the first place, surely something that just relaxed or slowed the players down would have been more effective.
Saying that, anything would have been more effective regarding the result, but not as hilarious a story.
The rather dull ending is Marco then owed more money, so then started fixing (or pretending to fix) matches for the betting syndicates/dodgy guys he owed the money to, hence the new scandal.
Giving your team mates hallucinogenic drugs before a game though - that is insane.
We never did that sort of stuff when l was playing (worst luck).

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