Tuesday, 7 June 2011

hanoi rocks 1984 tour - newcastle mayfair

This takes me back a bit, that's for sure.
I went to see Hanoi Rocks (and Johnny Thunders) at the Mayfair in Newcastle in 1984 and bought one of these t shirts to pose in when l got back home.
I ended up cutting the sleeves of mine, but l still have it, and now the FPO wears it.
It's still a lot cooler than the standard Motorhead or Rolling Stones 'lips' ones that 'some girls' tend to wear.
Although l was/am not adverse to wearing stupid clothes and make up, l certainly felt a bit dressed down at the show, as there were a lot of peacocks there (yes yes - l know - l should have fitted in then etc etc).
At least I also went backstage to see the band after the show - hurrah!
Now l spend my life on the computer - how the mighty have fallen.

toodle pip

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